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“Organizing for Action: We’re the people who don’t just support progressive change — we're fighting for it."


Adam Patrik Bio


Meet Adam Patrick. Adam is an independent political candidate who challenged the present to win out the prosperous future.

Hi! I am Adam. Thanks for visiting. I am an entrepreneur with huge experience in retailing and economics. I run dozens of companies and I know the path to real profit not just for politicians but each citizen of our city.

I work with my team. These are people of all kind who volunteered to help me turn from a candidate and a real politician and revolutionize the life of our city for good. Please, join us and together we will make our home a better place.

The plan is pretty simple. Give us three months and we’ll give you the results.

I'm convinced that the political reforms lobbied by the existing group of politicians do not work. I know the answer, but I need your support. Once we win, we will start taking a new course. I and my team need only 90 days to give you first results of our activity. We are going to evolve small business, simplify the immigration process and fight poverty.